Recruitment process

We carry out the recruitment process throughout the entire year, depending on our current needs. CLAR SYSTEM Capital Group has offices in different cities, which means we need personnel from many different regions of Poland.

The recruitment process comprises several steps, during which we employ many different recruitment tools.

The recruitment process at the CLAR SYSTEM Capital Group consists of several steps:

1. Analysis of covering letters and resumes.

The first move is up to you – if you are interested in working or internship in one of our positions, fill out the application form available on our website or send your documents (resume and covering letter) to the address m.przyborska@clarsystem.pl

If we do not currently have an open position which would be relevant to your interests, send the application form anyway, we will keep it in our database which we keep when looking for candidates for specific jobs.

Analysing the received documents we primarily focus on the convergence between our requirements and the candidate’s qualifications. We particularly value information on your professional history, periods of employment and responsibilities.

2. Interview.

After analysing the applications, we select a number of persons for the second stage of the recruitment process, which is an interview. Interviews, as well as verifying the applicants’ attitude and aptitude, serve the purpose of familiarizing the candidate with the company, its structure, values and corporate culture. The interview is an opportunity for the candidate to obtain interesting information about the vacant position.

3. Test analysis, evaluation of samples.

At this stage of the recruitment process, we use  language tests and work samples. For managerial positions, we also run Assessment Centre sessions.

4. Interview with the future supervisor.

The final decision is made by the head of the department with the vacant position. Recommended candidates are invited to a meeting during which the job offer is presented.

We take care to inform all of our candidates about the results and our final decision.

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