Technical service of facilities

We offer services regarding the broadly understood Technical services. Count on our technicians to keep your facility safe. The daily servicing and maintenance of facility installations will minimize the risk of any faults and reduce running costs. By entering into a partnership with our company you receive a guarantee that:

  • your equipment will be kept in good working order by means of routine maintenance, i.e. inspections, testing, improvements and adjustment of the equipment,
  • minor repairs will be performed as required by law and the manufacturers as well as good engineering and technical practices,
  • all the necessary steps to keep your equipment in good technical order to ensure availability, continuous operation and the best possible working conditions will be taken,
  • maintenance work will be performed so as to minimize any possible inconvenience to the facility users,
  • continuous operating service is ensured.


  • maintenance and inspection of low voltage (up to 1 KV) and medium voltage (up to 20 kV).
  • maintenance and inspection of heating equipment and systems.
  • maintenance and inspection of gas installation.
  • maintenance and inspection of ventilation system.
  • maintenance and inspection of cooling system.
  • maintenance and inspection of air conditioning equipment and system.
  • maintenance and inspection of sewage system equipment and installation.
  • inspection of the CCTV system.
  • operating BMS.
  • registering of utilities consumption.
  • "Handyman" services.


  • Maintenance and inspection of access control systems and equipment.
  • Inspection of fire safety and SAP systems.
  • Air conditioning system maintenance.
  • Building technical condition checkups.
  • Running site logbooks.
  • Keeping of the UDT records.
  • Supervision of repair and construction works.
  • Management of subcontractors.


  • Malls,
  • Public administration buildings,
  • Healthcare facilities,
  • Logistic centres,
  • Production facilities.