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Office in Łódź

We also offer a full range of FM services in Łódź. You are most welcome to browse our offer for multiple services.

  • cleaning (including offices, hospital hygiene, specialized services),
  • property security services,
  • technical administration of facilities,
  • employee leasing.

We would like to welcome you to our office in Łódź. Our company stands for years of experience and many satisfied customers. Our company was founded to optimize your work and company operations, we guarantee the best services. The experience and know-how of our employees guarantees high quality hospital hygiene and savings for the healthcare institution.
Our solutions also offer licensed security professionals as well as a protection and supervision package of services. Their know-how allows you a sound sleep at night. We are able to secure any facility!

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    Office in Łódź
    ul. Gdańska 91/93 building E
    90-613 Łódź
    tel./fax: +48 42/ 256 87 31