Hospital hygiene

The service offer of our Hospital Hygiene Department includes comprehensive cleaning services, complemented by auxiliary services, partially related to cleaning. Our main goal for hospital hygiene is to take over all the tasks performed to date by personnel responsible for the cleaning and hygiene in hospitals as well as other healthcare facilities.



CLAR SYSTEM offers comprehensive solutions for the cleaning of healthcare facilities, including the administrative and office areas, passageways, clinics, wards, operating theatres and delivery rooms, dialysis stations, intensive care wards and laboratories.

Our Hospital Hygiene Department offers the following comprehensive cleaning services:

  • Cleaning of surfaces and equipment,
  • Machine cleaning of passageways, cleaning of hospitals
  • Disinfection of surfaces and equipment,
  • Preparation and distribution of disinfecting agent solutions for day to day operation,
  • Cleaning and disinfection of laboratory glassware and pharmacy utensils,
  • Cleaning of windows and horizontal blinds,
  • Cleaning of vertical blinds (without removing them from the window),
  • Cleaning of furniture upholstery,
  • Cleaning of fitted carpets,
  • Cleaning after reconstruction work,
  • Maintenance of floor surfaces depending on their characteristics,
  • Supply of hygiene materials for day to day operation: disposable towels, toilet paper, liquid soap, hand disinfectant, foil bags (colour coded),
  • In-hospital transportation,
  • Assistance with patient care and transportation,
  • Assistance with meal distribution and washing up.
  • Comprehensive care and cleaning of outdoor areas.


Tasks performed by our employees include comprehensive supervision and security services which ensure the safety of property with proper organization and reduces expenses for the Customer.

Most often, our security services are performed 24/7, however we always strive to adapt our operations to the specific requirements of the particular facility. Our services include protection of construction sites as well as property protection during the course of an investment. Our forte is our specialized staff, who undergo a thorough selection process on recruitment (we employ personnel with class I and class II professional licenses).