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Office in Gniezno

We also provide our integrated Facility Management services in Gniezno, you are welcome to browse our comprehensive offer for the following range of solutions:

  • cleaning (including offices, hospital hygiene, specialized services),
  • property security,
  • technical administration of facilities,
  • employee leasing,

Clar System is a professional company with many years of experience and many successful customers. We employ the best qualified personnel which means we are offering only the best services and most innovative solutions, with view of optimizing your company expenses.
The Clar System team has the know-how and practical experience with regards to cleaning services and hospital hygiene. Our employees are well acquainted with healthcare facilities and their functioning which allows them to render top quality services.
Our solutions include a full package of property security and supervision. Thanks to our experienced staff – we only work with qualified security personnel you can entrust any kind of facility to us!

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    Office in Gniezno
    ul. Artyleryjska 1
    62-200 Gniezno
    tel.kom.+48 694 473 497