Specialized services

We offer a selection of specialized services in relation to cleaning. Our services are performed in very diverse facilities for several hundred customers, both on long-term contracts and single orders.

All such orders are implemented and carried out with the observance of specific standards and after thorough verification of the OHS and environmental considerations.

We offer a full scope service regarding:

  • cleaning of glass surfaces and high constructions – rope access cleaning,
  • washing and mechanical cleaning of facades,
  • cleaning of eco-drains,
  • snow clearing of rooftops and on ground levels,
  • marble re-crystallization,
  • polymerization of PCV and linoleum floors,
  • impregnation and polishing of stonework floors,
  • cleaning and impregnation of fitted carpets,
  • oiling and polishing of wooden surfaces,
  • cleaning of machines and equipment,
  • cleaning of technology lines,
  • cleaning of air intake installations (ventilation, air conditioning),
  • setting up of green areas,
  • vegetation maintaining and care,
  • mowing and watering, trimming, re-seeding, disposal of swath,
  • fertilization and preparation of green areas for winter