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Office in Wrocław

We welcome you to visit our office in Wrocław. We offer top quality solutions for our customers from the capital city of the Lower Silesia region and neighboring areas, this includes:

  • cleaning (including offices, hospital hygiene, specialized services),
  • property security,
  • technical administration of facilities,
  • employee leasing,

Reliability and years of experience all speak in our favor. Our employees possess all the required training and practical experience, this is especially relevant in the context of hospital hygiene which requires knowledge about the functioning of healthcare institutions.
Clar System also offers a comprehensive range of services in the scope of property security and supervision. Our licensed employees ensure a full service package for security of persons and property, including attended parking lot administration, direct security, access control and area supervision, installation and operating of security measures. As you can see, Clar System is the best choice!

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    Office in Wrocław
    Plac Solidarności 1/3/5 room 424
    53-661 Wrocław
    tel. +48 694 467 111