Cleaning services

Cleaning services for facilities and outdoor areas constitutes the basic area of operations of the CLAR SYSTEM Capital Group. We have been working in the industry since 1999.

The high quality of our services is attested by:

  • our personnel – regularly trained in cleaning methods, use of disinfectants and cleaning agents, occupational health and service as well as customer service (EFS Projects),
  • our technology – the tried and tested standards, norms, equipment and cleaning agents tailored to the specific requirements of the serviced facility as well as cleaning plans and schedules improve working efficiency,
  • customer satisfaction surveys – periodic contact with the recipients of our services to ascertain their opinion on our services as well as the requirements of our Customers,
  • service performance system – constant, direct and multistage supervision of entrusted tasks performed by: Foremen, Contract Coordinators, Internal Auditors, right through to Macro-region Managers.

We approach each Customer and each facility individually. The price offer is prepared after meeting with the Customer and agreement of the frequency and scope of services. For facilities requiring specialized technologies, a representative of the Technology Department will also be present during the meeting.

We possess cutting edge cleaning technologies as well as a specialized machine park, together with highly specialized chemical agents, we are able to provide high quality service at a reasonable price.

The advantages of partnership with CLAR SYSTEM Capital Group:

  • ability to fully devote your time to your major area of operations as auxiliary services will be handled by industry professionals;
  • possibility to obtain a write-off on PFRON (State Fund for Rehabilitation of Handicapped Persons) payments ,
  • less administrative burden: HR, filling in for personnel on leave and sick leave and OHS training are under our management,
  • comprehensive services: partnership with our company allows you to access a full scope of property cleaning and security services,
  • sensible approach to ecology and economy: our chemical agents have all the necessary PZH and PZ (Polish Health Association) approvals, all the machines and equipment are energy saving, our employees are trained on energy saving and proper dosing of chemicals, with the Customer’s permission, we display notices encouraging people to save soap and paper on the dispensing machines.

We collaborate with the leading manufacturers and distributors of professional cleaning and disinfection chemicals, machinery and equipment: Lakma, Ecolab, Diversey, Buzil, Kiehl, Vermop, Numatic, Karcher, Taski, Merida, Splast, Hako, Essity, Comac, Nilfisk, Metsa tissue, Werner & Mertz Professional, Tennant TCS Polska, I-Team, Draco.



  • floor cleaning (vacuuming and periodic extraction cleaning of fitted carpets, mechanical cleaning, impregnation and care for stonework and PCV floors),
  • lavatory cleaning (cleaning sanitary fittings, wall tiles, mirrors, disinfection),
  • replacement of sanitary products in the lavatories (toilet paper, water towels, soap),
  • office equipment cleaning (furniture care, computer equipment cleaning, telephones, lamps etc.),
  • glass surface cleaning (periodic cleaning of windows including window frames and windowsills, glazed surfaces, glass doors) and radiator cleaning.


  • mechanical cleaning, impregnation and care of passageways,
  • mechanical cleaning to obtain HACCP compliance certificates,
  • periodic window cleaning,
  • periodic vacuuming and wall cleaning,
  • manufacturing equipment cleaning (removing adhesive, silicone, grease, dust deposit stains, etc.),
  • vacuuming and cleaning of pipelines.


  • mechanical cleaning, impregnation and care of passageways,
  • periodic window cleaning,
  • periodic vacuuming and wall cleaning,
  • vacuuming and cleaning of racks.


  • day to day floor care,
  • periodic mechanical cleaning and impregnation of passageways
  • periodic window cleaning,
  • cleaning of production facilities (meat processing, fish, bakery) as per HACCP standards.


  • sweeping of access roads, sidewalks and parking spaces,
  • lawn care (trimming, fertilizing, raking, weeding, etc.),
  • care of hedges and trees (trimming, fertilizing, pest control, etc.),
  • garbage disposal,
  • clearing of snow from access roads, sidewalks and parking spaces,
  • distribution of salt and sand mix onto the cleared areas,
  • snow disposal.