Property security services

CLAR SYSTEM Capital Group specializes in technologically assisted physical property security services. We possess extensive experience in servicing more than 100 companies, from office facilities to industrial buildings.



Within the scope of a separate Property Security Department, companies within CLAR SYSTEM Capital Group render comprehensive security services, offering a tailored system for the Customer’s individual requirements as well as any external conditions. As part of their operation, companies owned by the group have all the required permits for offering security services to persons and property. To ensure the best possible quality of services rendered, we employ qualified employees of the physical security.

Scope of services performed by the Property Security Department entails:

  • Direct physical security,
  • Patrolling of protected areas,
  • Supervision of the movement of goods and persons,
  • Installation and operation of alarm systems and monitoring equipment,
  • Management of attended parking lots.


Partnership with the CLAR SYSTEM Hospital Hygiene Department offers a number of advantages which allow a major improvement in the effectiveness of the operation and image of your healthcare facility as well as significant savings.

Major advantages include:

  • Significant decrease in expenses related to hiring non-medical personnel,
  • Lack of necessity to invest in equipment and servicing,
  • No issues arising from the absence of some of the personnel (leave, sick leave).
  • We ensure the highest quality of services (cutting edge technologies and chemicals),
  • Use of modern equipment for professional cleaning,
  • Relieving of employees from other departments: HR, bookkeeping, payroll, supplies, inventory taking, public procurement,
  • Relieving of ward nurses from non-medical personnel management duties,
  • Lack of necessity to carry out ward nurse training on OHS and fire safety as well as thematic training,
  • Reduction in the area required for general and ward storage,
  • Reduction in the number of public procurement tenders (disinfecting agents, cleaning agents, hygiene supplies, cleaning equipment and machines, workwear),
  • Limitation of the number and types of internal documentations.