Employee leasing

This service is intended for companies which require cover for some of their personnel and:

are looking for new employees

would like to reduce administrative expenses for own resources

We specialize in leasing LINE EMPLOYEES.

If you are looking for:

  • personnel to employ for simple production and warehouse jobs,
  • maintenance workers,
  • employees for further training,
  • cleaning technicians,
  • sorting and packaging room employees,
  • employees responsible for maintaining outdoor areas, FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US.

We offer a full outsourcing service in this regard, assuming full responsibility for the day to day handling of personnel:

  • employee training
  • mandatory medical examination
  • OHS training
  • remuneration
  • handling of leaves of absence, etc.


  • make significant savings in your companies
  • limit administration
  • more effectively use your company potential by focusing on its core operation.