Integrated Facility Management - One solution - Full scope of services

Integrating FM Services for prospective Customers is only possible for a company with broad experience and proven solutions in the full scope of the services offered. As a multi-service company, we are able to fulfil this condition. We can to offer individual services as well as a full service package for your facilities:

  • technical service of facilities,
  • cleaning,
  • maintenance of green areas,
  • snow clearing,
  • waste sorting,
  • property security,
  • hospital hygiene,
  • employee leasing
  • specialist services.

Our main goal is to optimize expenses and constantly look for possible savings. At the same time, we take care to maintain the standards of service arranged with the Customer, so that the facility remains attractive and welcoming to its users.

Why choose our FM services?

  • We offer solutions for all types of facilities
  • We guarantee constant optimization of expenses for areas under our care.
  • We coordinate all subcontractor activities.
  • We suggest any preventive action to be undertaken.
  • We ensure a proactive approach.
  • We share part of the risk in relation to the services that we take over.
  • We ensure strong support during emergencies.

Our partnership comes with a number of major advantages:

  • Freedom to focus on core business.
  • Reduction of non-core personnel (improved business efficiency),
  • The working out of a synergy effect by integrating FM services.
  • Clear division of responsibilities.
  • One dedicated contact person for individual or multiple services.

The quality of our services is attested by the ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 certificate. We remain at your disposal if you need any further information. You are welcome to contact us.